Audio / Visual Rentals

Audio-Visual Equipment Rentals

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*One lectem and microphone is included with facility rental
*A $10 charge applies to equipment added on the day of the event

Additional microphones: wireless, wired, and lavaliere . . $25
Beeson Hall data projector $150
Portable data projector $100
Portable screen (6×6 or 8×8) $25
Laptop computer $50
Wireless remote with laser pointer and mouse $25
Flipchart, pad, and markers $25
TV with DVD player or VCR $50
DVD player or VCR $30
Overhead projector $20
35mm slide projector with remote $35
ELMO document camera (only available in Beeson Hall) n/a
Speaker phone $75
Portable sound system with tape and CD player n/a
Teak wood dance floor (12×12) $75
Teak wood dance floor (15×15) $100
Teak wood dance floor (18×18) $125
Teak wood dance floor (24×24) $150

Technical Support

AV equipment set-up fee (applies to all AV set-ups) $25
In-house technician fee $25 per hour
Holt AV/Video technician fee (minimum of 2 hours weekdays, 4 hours weekends) $50 per hour

*You are welcome to provide any of the above equipment on your own. However, The Harbert Center is not responsible for the set-up or safety of those items.